Growling notifications in Xpages (Dgrowl)

As part of an application being developed with client – was looking for a more elegant messaging and notification scheme for the xpages. So I remembered having seen a Notes In 9 session by David Leedy and Brad Balassaitis – so dug it out from here and followed Brad’s instructions to get the libraries added […]

Intro to Xpages Part 6

Paul @ TLCC recently posted number 6 in a series of 7 tutorials giving an introduction to xpages development and also exposing some of the development “goodies” that might not be immediately obvious to an developer starting xpages. http://pauldn.com/2014/07/21/intro-to-xpages-part-6-demonstration-of-advanced-techniques-using-xpages/ covers a range of slightly more advanced topics like displaying view data and document data on the same […]

5..4..3..2..1 – Xpages getting started

Paul from TLCC has release a short series of XPages tutorials at www.PaulDN.com. If you want to upderstand the basics of how simple xpages can rapidly be developed for web based apps based on Domino designer then this is for you. Paul explains the process and the relationships between the xpage components and rendering as […]

Home – Home on the xpage ?

A colleague mentioned a new OPenNTF xpages project that allows you to give users a web based xpages driven homepage like the Notes Workspace. You can download it from here. Instructions are fairly simple to follow. XPage Applications Homepage allows users to create their own workspace on web. They can add ‘n’ number of bookmarks on their workspace. All bookmarks give […]