07.005.47 and 15.004.45 on a Xerox phaser 860 (replace clutch and lamps)

Two numbers that tell me my Xerox Phaser 860N needs help.

Researching the sequence 07.005.47 which appeared first suggests to me that the Drum Maintenance clutch needs replaced and I managed this from a spare non operational 860. Turning off the unit and removing power meant that just popping off the left hand panel ( one screw at the back – one inside the front panel which you open to access the maintenance drawer where the surplus ink goes).

You need to locate the plastic tags to release the side panel – use a flat top screw driver and very little force – with a little persistence it will come off – when replacing it remember it hinges on the plastic tags at the bottom.

Replacing the clutch is a simple matter of removing the c clip on the back of the clutch and then taking off the power cable from the clutch. I swapped in the replacement clutch from a failed 860.

Thinking I was out of the woods a reboot of the printer gave the dreaded 15.004.45 but there is hope. ….. the lamps need replacing and googling found the site of Ward Bartsch selling the lamps and detailed text and photo instructions for the replacement process.

Ordered the bulbs from here http://lighthouseenterprises.us/15,004.45.htm and placed the printer on a flat raised surface to carry out the replacement.

However – one thing to add after the replacement was that the printer failed to print with a paper jam – with the paper in the first two rollers above the paper tray.

Some research indicated that the very clutch that was replaced in stage 1 – was not turning the cog and subsequently the rollers inside the printer. I removed the axle and realised the the left hand bushel was not correctly mounted in the casing and that the c clip holding it was not in the correct position. Aligning the notches on both bushels – right side first then left – allow the bar to be firmly positioned and the clutch fitted back on to the cogs much more easily.

The end result – a printer working even better than before – quality of printout is A1 !!!