070535 ….. who the hell is calling me ? Do not ring them back !

Since arriving back from leave last week I’ve had an extraordinary number of missed calls. So much so that I spoke with the carrier Orange to see what might explain it. I do get normal calls and callers are able to leave voicemails but the mystery calls leave no message and if you are tempted to ring them back they appear to leave no message !!


These 070535 numbers are part of Follow Me numbers – which I’ll describe using one of the providers words !!!!!!!!

070 Numbers simply route calls to your current personal phone numbers, so when someone calls you on your 070 number their call is diverted to one or more of your current phone numbers this can include both landlines and mobile phones. 070 phone numbers are called “Follow Me” as if there’s no answer on the first number the call can be re-directed to up to 2 others!

This could be your partner, colleague, secretary or another one of your personal phone numbers. Our 070 numbers can even be programmed on a time scale so that calls in the evening or weekend can be re-diverted to an alternative phone number or simply blocked.

Instead call Phonepayplus on 0800 500 212 or visit http://www.phonepayplus.org.uk/default.asp

PhonepayPlus is the organisation that regulates products or services – such as competitions, TV voting, helplines, adult entertainment, downloads, new alerts or interactive games – that are charged to users’ phone bills or pre-pay accounts.

I reported the calls I have received up to this morning as a formal complaint and was advised that the responsibility for these 070 numbers is now with this regulator. They also said that the first adjudication on them has just happened so hopefully we’ll see a lot less of these !!!