10 Years – where did they go ?

I realised that today is the 10th anniversary of starting this blog. Scary really. I started off with simple adhoc technical articles and then for a year published a new article every working day !! WordPress has facilitated the way I blog throughout this time and without its capabilities I would probably not have managed to keep doing it. Over the ten years various technologies have come and gone. Various operating systems – programming languages and platforms have peaked and disappeared but some apps and approaches have lasted.

Looking at my current workstation setup – applications like IBM Notes, Snagit, Balsamiq, Mind Manager, Office and RSSOwl provide the day to day apps – the ones you load when the machine starts – these applications make my work possible so I’d like to send out a thanks to all of those who worked on and still work on the tools that make my life easier.

Looking forward to the next 10 years of blogging 🙂 I suppose its time for some crystal ball gazing. Whats next ?

For me the likely future development will be an onward journey into Java with IBM Xpages and all the attendant technologies around that. Specifically mobile access to data and systems as well as integration of legacy applications. On the infrastructure side I see further moves into internet based services including the Bluemix platform and Softlayer type infrastructure platforms.

I hope the next 10 years provide the same sort of challenges and results as the last 10 and that I continue to share the things I find along the way.