Transforming your domino apps

If you have been to any Lotus / Domino related event in the last 6 months you will likely have heard about GBS and their application to convert existing Notes applications into Xpages – Transformer. Now we have a new release Transformer 2.0 which you can get more info about here. The product isn’t some though that you can currently install and use for yourself on your Domino infrastructure. Its more of a combined software process with consultancy to allow you to assess the suitability of various Domino apps for migration to Xpages. In my case this doesn’t really fit since most of my apps are going to be expressed first in Xpages or a simple enough to port since their numbers are small. However I mention the product in case anyone with a larger estate of Domino applications might have been hiding in a cave and not heard of GBS or Transformer.

In GBS words


Lotus Notes® and Domino® is one of the most prolific application platforms in the world, with more than 10 million enterprise applications built on it since the early 1990s. The latest releases of Lotus Notes and Domino offer unprecedented benefits, and along with new XPages, the future has never been so bright.

Many companies have a large number of Domino applications they want to modernize, but do not know where to start. Let GBS take these applications and automatically transform them to modern Web 2.0 style applications. Now you can take full advantage of the newest releases of Lotus Notes and Domino without having to invest in costly re-development.


Our patent-pending Transformer software provides you a fast and cost-effective way to modernize your entire Domino application portfolio. Our Transformer automates the conversion of applications to XPages — delivering a modern user experience as well as transforming existing business logic. You will continue to leverage your prior investments in Lotus by using Transformer to upgrade your portfolio to the newest release of Domino.


XPages allows you to leverage new technology and features that will drastically reduce your IT costs and improve the way that users work. You have the choice to run transformed applications with the rich client, a browser or both, making it easier to deploy those applications and even adopt self-service and private cloud delivery models. But the best part is that using theTransformer save you up to 90% of the cost of rewriting the applications manually.

Transformer allows you to:

  • Rapidly and cost-effectively modernize Lotus Domino applications
  • Avoid any data migration
  • Improve end-user experience and acceptance
  • Leverage the latest features in Lotus Notes & Domino
  • Provide one design for Notes clients and web browser access
  • Provide multilingual support
  • Extend applications to the Cloud


  • Have large numbers of legacy Notes applications in need of modernization
  • Planning to outsource or host their Lotus infrastructure
  • Migrating to LotusLive
  • Have migrated from Lotus messaging

So if this sounds like you – perhaps its time to speak to GBS – you’ll find them as http:.//