3cX V 10 – a software telephone system

Am reimplementing a 3cx software PBX for potential client use and I noticed that we hadn’t upgraded from version 9 on our vm hosted installation. You can download the free edition here A quick backup of the settings using the inbuilt tools and after removing the version 9 installation ran the V10 install. Note – a reboot between the removal and installation will save a lot of hassle as it appears a process had a lock on a particular folder and prevented installation.

Once installed the backup was restored and I was able to proceed with the installation and config or new phones – mainly linksys and the 3cx softphone running on Windows and Iphone. Its a bit freaky seeing the phone interface of an app on a phone but it works well and may well pull me out of a hole at some point.

Main difficulties so far – getting a passthrough on a voice enabled vigor 2910 – but as always Alex at Seg provided to much needed advice that all of the sip profiles need their ports changed even if they are not in use so we changed those to port 6060 from 5060 and were able to have a softphone register and call in.