A different kind of Out of Office ?

In the second outage in around  two weeks Microsoft’s flagship web suite Office 365 has suffered loss of service. Thats really being out of Office !

Whats causing it is yet unreported but the issue reinforces the fact that businesses and organisations need to think long and hard about putting all of their eggs in one “cloud basket”. In the last year I have noted outages across many brand name services – one which i won’t name even lost the data that was stored with them.

So will we see a growth in on line services that provide access to data even if the platforms that create the data are not available – clients are not left without the vital information needed to run businesses. The dependency that I see amongst those client adopting the cloud and SaaS offerings leads me to wonder if these high profile outages will stall the current race to cloud and whether even more serious outages or data losses are ahead.

So ponder if you are willing to put your faith in companies who sold you software that was at times not fit for service before you transfer control of your data – and ultimately your businesses into the same peoples hands.

so instead of Caveat Emptor – perhaps Caveat Nebula (Beware the cloud ?)