A night at the Opera 9.5

My machine picked up the Opera 9.5 release this morning. I have been very happily testing Opera as I also have the “temperamental” IE 8 beta on my machine to see some of the new features and general play about with it.

I like some of the fresh thinking in Opera – especially the speed dial – which essential allows you 9 shortcuts to heavily used sites when you open a new tab. I find it very useful since thats what I do a lot of the time.

The gadgets also work fine – might even try my hand at writing one or two for my needs.

All in all though it does a good job – hasn’t crashed and only displays one or two compatibility issues – which I mentioned on a previous blog and another one I found trying to register a HP carepack for a printer.

I’ll be giving this browser more attention since is really does feel different from the others and I hope to see even greater improvments from the final version.