Accessing your ftp server with DataFreeway

Came across this handy little tool recently. I know that there are other similar tools like fastscp but this program had a snappiness to it that I felt was work mentioning. Its called DataFreeway from here. The feastures that I liked where the simple shortcut creation and the watched file option.

The publishers describe it as

DataFreeway is an innovative network, plug-in based freeware GUI client supporting multiple transfer protocols. Its user interface provides a simple, protocol independent way to transfer data. Standard techniques like
drag-and-drop and copy-and-paste let users transfer files between servers running different transfer protocols, as well as enabling users to download/upload files to/from a local machine.

Protect logins and transfers using industry standard SSH1, SSH2 (both RSA and DSA public key authentication), or SFTP based protocols (some call our program GUI for


– Text file awareness, recursive subdirectory transfers;
– Powerful, advanced transfer list management;
– Fast responsiveness to user input even when in the middle of multiple file transfers.

– Edit or view remote content, synchronize or backup your site, monitor a folder or files for changes and perform a host of other ite management operations.

Total Affordability
– There is no match on the market. Guaranteed. This is  freeware.

Put shortcut to your SSH, FTP or WebDAV folder on the desktop. Now your data is only one click away.
Currently we support SSH (SSH1 and SSH2), WebDAV, common FTP and secure SFTP protocols.


My tests on windows 7 64 Bit have been without problems