Adventures with Input Director – a software KVM

Having spent a little time with this application and gone through a reshuffle of screens and pc configurations I have to say I am really enjoying using it. I mentioned it in an earlier post but wanted to revisit it after some time had passed. So whats so good about this app. Well it has allowed me to press several perfectly usable machines back into action with the minimum of effort and the most practical use of screens and processing capability. Imagine this. You are working on a number of projects at the same time on your desktop. Your trusty laptop is sitting idle since you really don’t want to switch between keyboards to try and work. You could really do with another screen to work on.

Thats where you see the first use of Input Director (ID). Install the software in master mode on your main machine – install  in slave mode on your laptop – site the laptop beside your main screen and start working on both machines from one keyboard and mouse. Moving between the machines to say kick of a compilation or other compute intensive process then slide back to your main machine to continue working and be able to work on both simultaneously. Super!

Or. You have three machines each with two screens (and three keyboards / mice ). Wouldn’t it be better to have one master and start working across all three ? Extreme example I know but it shows the flexibility of the ID solution.

What about using your TV with attached media center as an extension of your laptop the day you need to work at home ? The options are legion !!

I really wished I had had this in a previous job where this could have saved a lot of effort and better used the resources at hand.

If you are sitting there with a desktop and a laptop doing nothing – try it – it will take 10 minutes to set up and you will never look back. Input director allows you to ignore the unavailabilty of slave systems and you can bring slaves online at any time to help out with your workload. This in one piece of software thats going on all machines for sure.