After the towel – comes the dryer

Even if you thought the previous repair to a HP TX2 tablet was bizarre – using a towel to overheat the unit. However this fix was relatively short lived – probably because it was only done for 30 minutes or so. Once I had a chance to work on again I had researched a number of reported  issues with the particular tablet. One particular one appealed to me and its quick and relatively simple. This involved using a powerful hairdryer blowing into the vent at the right hand side of the unit. Not normally part of the IT technicians toolkit.

Warning – yet again – do not do this unless you can afford to toast (quite literally) the tablet !!

The process I used was to power on the unit and allow it to come to normal operating temperature  and then direct the very warm jet of the hairdresser into the outlet vent. I did it for less that 1 minute – making sure to avoid the screen and the keyboard – only direct at the vent. Turning of the hairdryer and CAREFULLY checking the temperature of the vent which will be VERY HOT – press down on the keyboard on the right hand side of the keyboard (around the J K L keys). Then finally power on unit and check that it boots. Turn off when it has booted and then allow to cool fully.

The unit has been working perfectly and is giving yet more service – pity HP let this kind of problem blight the best tablet in its class…..