An IPad2 arrives

Due to a lucky circumstance I acquired a new IPad2. I wasn’t planning to upgrade as the original ipad was more than sufficient but I was curious as that the real differences between the two devices.

Initially the battery life and the speed combined with the additional camera – this does show a slight benefit from the newer hardware. The additional apps – including Facetime may have some benefit in simple conferencing but this will take a little time to appreciate. The customisation of the covers though does present an option to brand the device from a corporate point of view. The range of add ons and other gadgets does some to be broader and I am looking forward to testing out the device with an Apple TV device.

The first few days have certainly shown a stronger appeal for the kids and for the use of the new apps.

This iPad 2 has excellent multitasking feature with  the support of 1GHz dual core high performance A5 application processor, 512 MB  RAM and revamped OS iOS

The new iPad 2 is  amazingly slim and light, it’s just  8.8 mm thin and weight 1.33 pounds, that is 33% thinner and 15% lighter than original iPad. The new A5 processor’s clock speed is twice faster than the A4 and 9 times  better on graphics while the power consumption remains the same.