And finally an explanation from DynDNS

As a longtime  user of the Dyndns service for a number of purposes I had a pretty bad experience of the recent outage. A major mail loop developed and this contributed to a capping of one of my adsl lines due to a hugh spike in mail get pushed back and forward between servers. The explanation came through from Dyndns this evening.


Valued DNS2Go Customer,

Recently our Data Center and the DNS2Go service experienced an Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attack. During the attack access to the DNS2GO and Email Routing Services was sporadic and inconsistent. Service was restored the afternoon of October 19th.

We apologize for the disruption in service and would like to inform you of the steps we have, or are in the process of implementing.

Relative to the DDOS attack itself, we have since upgraded our Edge routers, which include IDS detection and mitigation and have also upgraded our Core Data Center connectivity.

We are also in the process of further segregating and geographically distributing the different components of the service to be able to more easily address any future attacks.

There are also forthcoming changes to the DNS2Go Client software, automating its integrated server detection and connection methodology.

As for communication with our customers, we could have done better and are taking steps to improve the manner in which we notify customers of scheduled infrastructure updates and disruption to normal operations. Effective immediately any departure from normal operations will be posted with continued updates to the following:

DNS2Go System Status: News & Announcements:

Twitter: @deerfieldcom

Facebook: DNS2Go

Technical Support inquiries should continue to be submitted to:

October marked the 11th year of service for DNS2Go and we look forward to serving your dynamic DNS and email routing needs for years to come.

Thank you for your continued support of DNS2Go.

Best Regards,

Michael Ryan


DNS2Go Product Manager


The explanation is timely but I’m afraid my reliance on the system was dented beyond repair and I have dispensed with the services I was using for my own domains. Dyndns  were a pioneer in the field of managing with dynamic addressing but this event rules them out for me for the foreseeable future  in terms of my business critical services.