Barcode recognition from scanned images

A client recently presented a slight variation on a theme as a requirement for a project. Previously we provide a client solution based on pre scanned images with an area of the scan containing a character field in a certain format. The field need to be read and the scan file renamed for that field content. We located a provider and used an off the shelf solution form them to achieve what the client reported as a very good result.

In the new project the requirement goes beyond this and requires us to read two bar codes and one character field. The results then need to be stored in a csv file with various other information such as the date of creation and the name of the document plus the recognised fields.

So far we have identified an approach that will satisfy the client requirements and potential save them time and money using a bespoke but flexible solution to their business problem. The options to use searchable pdfs as the scanned source versus tif format files will mean that when the files get picked up by the DMS (in this case Docova) they can be indexed for searching within the application. So another benefit against the solution proposed by another provider (at a higher cost too).

More about this project as it progresses.