Becoming a motion artist

Picked this beta app up yesterday to take at a look at for a small marketing project I have in mind.

The developers say

MotionArtist is a new product with a new approach to animation. While developing MotionArtist, we are really creating an animation and interactivity product with comic creators in mind. We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel.

You won’t see any drawing, inking, or coloring tools here. What you will see is a powerful composition and presentation application that’s very intuitive. We’re also trying to bridge a gap between comic creators and their readers. You can export your comics or presentations in common file formats without being locked to a specific format. You can export to a common video format or HTML5!

What is MotionArtist?

MotionArtist easily allows you to tell a story in motion, whether it be a motion comic, a business presentation, or an animated slide show of your latest family picnic. You can easily integrate static assets into a full-blown presentation, and then share that presentation on FaceBook, YouTube, or to your own channel on Smith Micro’s MotionArtist community.