Big Burrito Bash

BlackBox on Hill Street in Belfast played host to the Bash ! event.

I’d say this was the biggest Meetup event I’ve seen in Belfast and it was very well subscribed. Very welcome after a long walk was the beer and Burritos!


There were 3 diverse talks

Lukas’s talk:   10 SQL Tricks That You Didn’t Think Were Possible

Found a number of the tricks very interesting and the speaker very informative and on top of his favourite subject “SQL” – I especially liked that Oracle sql dialect featured in a number of the tricks

UPDATE : Link to his site and tips  here

Todd’s talk: Low Latency Modern C++

Although C++ doesn’t really feature in my day to day work – it was still interesting to look at the challenges and solutions that Todd and others faced during their development and the performance differences observed between different language implementations

Martin’s Talk: Engineering You!

Felt like one of the only people who had heard of some of the early computing alumni mentioned as part of this far ranging and thought provoking talk. As it often happens the lessons that were highlighted are not only not new and go back to software development theory and practice from the late 60’s. The lessons presented appear obvious but still seem to be ignored. The presentation did a good job of holding up a mirror to the “engineering” part of Software Engineering.

UPDATE : Martin’s site here