Blackberry Jam

Yes – Rim – the maker of the Blackberry smartphone is in a tight spot. After a series of technical outages and a period of lacklustre product announcements they really do need the new release of their smartphones (V10) to be really fantastic as far as attracting the punters back. Its a lot way since the haydays when everyone on the go had a blackberry handset.

Its going to be a struggle to get back to a top 3 place in the smartphone charts but for RIM this in the only place that counts. In the current economy users are not changing handsets as often as they used to – partly because of the contract periods and the costs of some of the handsets.

So will it be worth looking at the handsets when they come out ? Well definitely yes if you want to see an alternative to Iphone, Android and Windows phones that has the management tools to integrate with your business infrastructure.