Blio – getting more into your library

As mentioned here I have been trying out the  Blio ebook reader as a simple mechanism for viewing an existing library of pdfs as well as the format supported by the app namely xps. I raised the point that there (as yet) does not appear to be a mechanism in the application to get access to the pdfs so I decided a bit of research would be in order. Having evaluated many pdf related tools and applications I felt sure I’d be able to convert from pdf to xps. So I turned to the one application I though might have this capability Nuance PDF Converter 6. I was not disappointed.

Not only did it allow me to convert my test 300 page pdf document to xps format  and then open it in Blio (in full colour) but the array of choices for output types really surprised me.

Not just xps but Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Wordperfect, Searchable pdf, txt, jpeg, Ping and Tiff – phew.

As I write this Nuance are pushing the latest version 7 of the application here. It actually has a lot more functionality than I’ve mentioned here but more of that later.

So I now have the capability to convert documents to Blios native format – easily and quickly – now just to find a batch mechanism !!

PS – also tried the Powerpoint conversion – some small issues with format but otherwise great.