Gaining CISSP status

As part of the perpetual challenge to keep knowledge up to date and to expand skills many of us look to accreditation and recognised qualifications to ensure we test ourselves. Last year I decided that it was time to refresh and consolidate  the security experience I had developed over the years working as a consultant. […]

Rdp session drops shortly after connection?

This was an issue where a client travelled to a remote site linked to headquarters via site to site vpn. When they initially connected to a remote desktop via RDP – they were connected as normal and saw their desktop as expected. What was not expected was that within 30 seconds the remote desktop session […]

TPOT constantly restarting ?

TPOT – is a self proclaimed All In One Multi Honeypot Platform. A client recently required an installation of TPOT and during that process I came across two gotchas that prevented the successful completion. The first was an error when attempting to start TPOT for the first time – the second was a constant restarting […]