Rdp session drops shortly after connection?

This was an issue where a client travelled to a remote site linked to headquarters via site to site vpn. When they initially connected to a remote desktop via RDP – they were connected as normal and saw their desktop as expected. What was not expected was that within 30 seconds the remote desktop session […]

TPOT constantly restarting ?

TPOT – is a self proclaimed All In One Multi Honeypot Platform. A client recently required an installation of TPOT and during that process I came across two gotchas that prevented the successful completion. The first was an error when attempting to start TPOT for the first time – the second was a constant restarting […]

Would the Real Alt + Space please stand up?

Time for a short tip today. While working on my PC I happened to hit the Windows Key + Tab to working with one of my virtual desktops in Windows 10. I think the virtual desktop feature is very under-rated – and you should give it a go but in this case I noticed an […]

Its Magic!

Recently as part of  building renovations I wanted to replace some older Devolo Ethernet over power adapters and consolidate some wireless access points from various suppliers into something more standard and manageable. Enter the Magic Wifi 2 Next multiroom kit from Devolo. This ticked both boxes for wired connections and wireless in the one set […]