Bumptop loves me !

After my recent bumptop expiry issue here I wasn’t expecting to be writing again so soon about Bumptop – the funky physics based desktop environment but when I looked at my machine this morning I got a hint that things are under way for the “launch” of the application. The basic detail is that there will be a free version – limited in some ways and a paid for pro version.

Summary of the differences (for the free version against the pro)

Sticky notes – limit of two (against unlimited)
Toss files on to USB key – nope (against yes for pro)
Most used files automatically grow – nope (yes for pro)
Flipping through piles – nope (but yes for pro)

Also the Thumbnail previews in free will be watermarked and support for the free version will be limited.

However the rest of the features appear to be common to both versions.

So in the spirit of supporting quirky projects – I acquired my three machine code and am looking forward to seeing this on my replacement tablet pc!!

So roll on 1st of May as hopefully thats when others will get their hands on the free and paid for versions of Bumptop