Bumptop on my other screens

Finally this morning when rebooting my machine Bumptop advised me there was an update to the version I was running. Once install I knew something had changed since it was on a screen other than my primary display. Yippee – – – finally its now multi screen aware and using the “next screen” button you can move it from display to display !!!!!! (now to see if they ever achieve multi desktop display)

For those of you that haven’t seen it take a look here for a presentation

Heres a list of the “Features” that the developers are touting

* Next Generation User Interface
o 3D Visualization and Physics
o Gesture driven Interface
+ LassoMenu (Right-click on an icon)
+ Lasso’n’Cross Gesture. 1 stroke pile creation
o Zooming Photo Slideshows, ZUI
+ Double-click to zoom in on an image and gesture right to see the next picture. Gesture up to zoom out. The arrow keys also work.

* Intuitive Organization
o Piles
+ Visualizations: Fanout, Leafing (Scrollwheel, arrow keys), Grid
# Toss items at a pile to add
+ Create a Pile from an existing Folder, Folderize a pile back to a folder
o Enlarge or pinup icons

* Personalization
o Pinup to 3D Walls
+ Zoom to Walls. Double-click on a wall to focus the camera
o Custom Wallpaper & Floor Textures
o User-Generated Themes (http://bumptop.com/themes)
o Digital Picture Frames (Flickr, Picasa, RSS feed)

* Productivity Enhancements
o Pile by Type, Instantly.
o One Toss Print, Email, Delete
o Search. Find As You Type.
o Frequently Used Items Enlarge
Rich Visualization
+ Image files show up as thumbnails, including those not supported by XP/Vista (ie, PSDs, Transparent PNGs)
+ Rich document thumbnails for PDFs, DOCs, PPTs and others (Vista only)
+ Visualize filesystem activity. New and Changed files briefly glow. Making changes easier to notice without being in your face.
o Zoom all Icons (Ctrl+Scroll)

* Deep Windows Integration (XP & Vista)
o Desktop Replacement
+ Imports Existing Icon Positions
o Convert easily, Folders < -> Piles
+ Ctrl+Double-click on a folder to immediately view it as a pile in grid view
o Seamless Functionality: Live Sync, Drag’n’Drop, Right-click, System Tray, Copy/Paste/Undo
o “Bump This Folder” shell integration