Can Win Get Thin ? WINTPC

Working on a VDI proposal for a client I was considereing the options for dedicated hardware thin clients versus software clients to access virtual desktops. Then another option came to mind. Microsoft Windows Thin PC or WINTPC.

This reduced version of Windows 7 allows customers to repurpose exisitng PCs as thin clients. There are obviously advantages in the removal of features that might add to support loads and a cut down version of Windows with the same management capabilities as dektops is going to appeal to MS houses.

I have no doubt that linux and other O/S options for this repurposing would be just as useful but management is costly and important to most larger organisations.

I have been giving the software a spin in a vmware virtual enviroment before committing to a full test using older hardware.



So to access the Release Candidate (RC) build of Windows Thin PC, please go to the Microsoft connect site and join the Windows Thin PC RC program. You must be a registered user of Connect to access the program.