Cannot find check file msexch_isclienttype in Check_MK after adding an Exchange Host?

This issue appeared when an Exchange 2013  server was added as a host in Check_MK RAW 1.2.8p9. It appears once you have added the host and are trying to activate the changes made. The error appears like this


and prevents the updates from being saved / completed.

The solution is to find a related check file and making a copy of it which you will amend.

I found a reference to this problem which advised the location as


but I found that my very recent install had the file I needed located  in



So in that folder I copied the file msexch_isstore to msexch_isclienttype and edited it to remove the sections of that text file “def check_msexch_isstore” and”check_info[‘msexch_isstore’]” as shown here



Save the file – and then active updates through the check_mk web interface – and you should get a successful compilation and shortly thereafter the inventory of the exchange server will appear with its many default checks !!

Background This appears to be caused by the check file – msexch_isstore – this check file implements two checks, first the msexch_isstore and second the msexch_isclienttype. What is happening through the process above is that you are seperating out the second command into a file of its own so that the processing or precompilation of the check scripts can find it and run successfully