Can’t logon on to windows 2000 server – not enough disk space – Get out of that one

Picture the scenario – Server  running Windows 2000 was rebooted and a message was displayed preventing the user from logging in due to insufficient disk space. So admin reboots and tries safe mode with networking – same result. Safe mode – same result. Command prompt – same results. So basically all of the options on the boot menu shown when F8 is pressed at startup allow logon because the server does not have enough space. And to cap this the server is continuously rebooting to trie again !!!


The client then realises that there are some critical services on this machine and needs a resolution. So the option I outlined to get this venerable server back up (so that it can be virtualised very soon) is Knoppix. Yep a bootable Knoppix cd.

Using this we were able to boot the server – clear out appropriate space – shut the server down – boot into safe mode – chkdsk to make sure all is well and boot cleanly to give a very happy client a great result.


Should be a standard sight  for clients – an up to date  knoppix distro stuck on the server room wall – with the instruction – “In the event of emergency – depend on me”