Can’t wait – the anticipation is killing me – where is Notes 8.5.1

Sounds odd but waiting for the latest release of the best kept software development secret is quite difficult. Despite some strangeness getting access to my downloads and having to get advice and direction from IBM’s Ecare team – I got to the point where I hoped I’d be download this – to give new functionality AND fix an issue I have with Designer – but Nooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!! You guessed it – still no sign of the bundle that I need that contains the Notes client / admin / designer tools.

So the wait goes on and hopefully today – the 12th of October will see this much anticipated update appear and make my day.


For thiose of you not familiar with the Lotus Notes and Domino development platform – you owe it to yourselves to get up to speed. The announcement that the Designer tool is now free – yes I said FREE – means that there is no reason not to get in and get your hands dirty with applications tha can change the way your company handles information – just think of the browni points you could be getting by putting together applications with built in replication in no time using these tools ??