Blast from the past – old apps and new life

Longevity. Not something I heard a lot about from developers that used to meet at those events we used to call “face to face meetings” – pre Covid 19.  When I started coding in the mid 80’s – an application had no real shelf life. If it was fit for purpose – it kept on […]

Don’t give up on your new year resolutions !!!

January 17th, is the day we give up on our New Year’s resolutions apparently According to this article – Strava a social network for athletes that tracks runs and bike rides ,  found Jan. 17 is the day most people lose sight of their goals Two and a half weeks into , that is how […]

5,231,048 reasons to be cheerful

No its not a lottery win – but rather then number of steps my fitbit recorded last year. Seems like a staggering figure (not literally) in terms of the number of times I put one foot in front of the other. Those of you who have met me will know that I am an advocate […]

Goodbye Windows 7 – it was nice knowing you

We all knew it was coming and that we would have to say goodbye to that stalwart. It was stable – not flashy and had updates that were kind of predictable and manageable. Goodbye Windows 7 – we will miss you as that alternatives are less than stellar. As Microsoft state Microsoft made a commitment […]

Only In San Francisco – ECO-Burglary !

While staying in San Francisco recently I happened to observe the local arrangements for bin collection – basically all bins out on the same day with various companies responsible for the various types of waste picking up their bins at various times during the day. What I wasn’t quite prepared for was the sight of […]

Who’s afraid of the big bad (WEB) Wolf ?

Last nights OWASP event was very well attended and understandably due to the nature of the talks and the speakers !! Talk: Top 10 WebHacks of 2015 Speaker: Johnathan Kuskos – Threat Center Manager at Whitehat Talk: Open Source Security – What Security Testing Tools Miss Speaker: Mike Pittenger – VP of Security Strategy for Blackduck […]