(Don’t fear) the Beaver

Apologies to Blue Öyster Cult – I couldn’t resist. The beaver is question is DBeaver. I was recently looking at a client issue and needed to import some data into a mariadb database on a hosted platform we use. This was not on my normal development machine where I would have a range of tools […]

Moving Access to SQL?

Most users of access who have upsized their app to SQL will be familiar with the various wizards in the recent releases that facilitate data transfer to SQL Server. However sometimes this approach won’t work. A client recently came to me with an issue relating to an older access database which used data access pages […]

Keeping your MS Access data safe

Many clients have legacy apps that have an access database storing important business critical data. Mainly the normal backup software that is used for backing up user files is used but if a more frequent backup of the files is required then thats not going to be sufficient. One client who had suffered data corruption […]