Techie’s paradise – a visit to Dell Solution Centre

I recently had an invite to visit the Limerick Dell Solution Centre with a client to consider the options for a project coming up in the next 12 months. This particular facility is used in part by Dell to provide proofs of concept for clients planning or building application stacks for their specific needs. This […]

Eclipse and Java – made for each other

When starting off with Java programming – the first productive step you can make is to select an integrated development environment (IDE) that supports your learning and development efforts. In my case the IDE is pretty much preordained as it already the IDE of choice for Domino development – Eclipse. The transition from using it […]

Time For Java

I attended one of the Learning Tree Anyware training courses on Java last week. This is an office or home based method of attending the training course rather than going on site to a training location. This is the third I have been on and there are pros and cons for attending remotely. Interruptions can […]