Must Have

ICON UK 2015 (coming not so soon….)

So it looks like another trip to London this year for the only Xpages/connections/IBM event for the community. September brings an opportunity to meet and “remeet” colleagues and IBM champions at varied technical sessions. So at this stage it looks like the second half of September for two days. More info once the date and […]

Living with an XPS 12

The new year brought a new tablet / laptop in the form of the Dell XPS 12. Given the amount of tv publicity lavished on this model recently it seems to be getting a lot of interest. Even the delivery guy who brought it said he wanted one (and he wasn’t sure what it was). […]

Itunes gets a haircut

So this week we see the latest release of  Itunes – given that when I’m at my machine – you can be pretty sure this is running – its always worth checking out the latest and greatest features and changes. Apple’s blurb about the latest invocation Introducing the new iTunes. With a dramatically simplified player, […]

No Pi for me today

Today is the launch of the Raspberry PI – a no frills but very low costs development project. The initial interest has been so high that both supplier web sites taking pre-orders crashed and they the project has been mentioned on Radio 4 twice today – Great way to launch !!     Raspberry Pi […]

Check_MK – the new kid on the Nagios block

Came across a new addition to the Nagioverse recently called Check_MK which really changes how you look at Nagios. Beside performance improvements – the accompanying component called Multisite really refreshs the look of your monitoring data. Even after only having running for a few days I would say you owe yourself to look at this […]