Its Magic!

Recently as part of  building renovations I wanted to replace some older Devolo Ethernet over power adapters and consolidate some wireless access points from various suppliers into something more standard and manageable. Enter the Magic Wifi 2 Next multiroom kit from Devolo. This ticked both boxes for wired connections and wireless in the one set […]

Ultramon update

Ultramon gets an update to 3.2.2 – with a couple of fixes.  You can get the update here   New in this release Support for Windows 8 final version (RTM release): the following issues have been fixed: the window buttons match the look of the native buttons Smart Taskbar is disabled by default due to the […]

Winzip 17 – whats new ?

I got an email announcing the new release of Winzip – version 17. Having used the product back from its inception and its initial battle to overcome the likes of PKzip – it gets harder to remember what changes have appeared in each incarnation. According to Winzip’s blurb the changes are :- . NEW! Zip […]

Bridging the gap

A client required a link between two locations to allow disaster recovery planning to create off site copies of  virtual machines and dat. However the preferred fibre optic option was not possible and the client required a higher bandwidth that conventional fibre to cabinet offerings such as BT Infinity. Enter a wireless bridge – in […]