Windows 10 search issue blues ?   Recently updated !

If you were affected recently by the failure of the search in Windows 10 – where you were presented by an empty black box as shown – you may be asking yourself what on earth is going on The fact that your search – primarily for local apps on your machine could be hijacked and […]

Tick Tockler

Previously I mentioned an issue with the Escape key no longer responding. The app in question was called Tockler and I reached out to the author regarding the issue I had seen. Since then he has responded and issued an update relating to this which you can get from Github here. The application ¬†tracks your […]

Windows 10 RDP Saved credentials – not allowed   Recently updated !

This problem arose when a client was set up to access a soon to be upgraded Windows 7 PC from Windows 10. They had been familiar with setting up RDP connections previously¬† between windows 7 and 8 machines. When the error “Your Credentials did not work” appeared after the first successful connection they made to […]

Get back (on the screen)   Recently updated !

Ever had the situation where an application starts up off screen or partially off screen in Microsoft Windows? Many times and with many different apps this thorny problem comes up. Multiple displays and screen management software multiply your chances of seeing this. Two options probably cover most of the cases – 1) the app is […]

PDF OCR and conversion   Recently updated !

A client approached me about getting content from pdfs that had been generated but where the original document had been lost. The first option I gave them was a tool we had used in a number of circumstances – PDF-XCHANGE editor – available here This isn’t a free tool but you get what you pay […]

Put a winSock in it (Again)   Recently updated !

Is it just me or is stuff resurfacing from the past like an IT apocalypse ? Recently an issue with hidden devices came to the fore where this problem existed over 10 years ago. So it was a bit of a surprise when so quickly after that I was confronted with another “Back to the […]