Error Code: DP-06 installing Unreal Engine?

This was an issue that a client raised with me when they needed Unreal Engine and Studio installed along with the Datasmith  Exporter in order to take work from Sketchup Pro into Unreal.  The ability to load from Sketchup was actually a new feature to me as I had recently done a little bit  of […]

Is blogging worth it ?

Well I think the answer is yes if the purpose of your blogging is to help others facing a problem you have been able to resolve. Over the years I have had some interesting correspondence around some of the blog posts and looking at the search words that lead people to the site has been […]

IOS – would you leave my signature ALONE!

In a recent encounter with IOS and how it handles HTML signatures I have to confess I wanted to hunt down the developer responsible and vent my annoyance. Instead we will take a look at this issue and the way to deal with it. First we need a nice shiny html signature. If you don’t […]

Whot – No spill chicker ? Outlook 2007 v Word 2016

In a client configuration where an exchange 2007  mail server is about to be changed but doesn’t support the latest office Outlook client – a user complained about an issue where their spell checker in Outlook 2007 had stopped working. Checking the editor options for proofing under the mail settings indeed confirmed that the settings […]

Console.log growing on SBS 2008

The SBS management console in SBS 2008 is a useful management tool for those maintaining an SBS server. However if you have been around SBS 2008 for any length of time you will have no doubt come up with some of the issues relating to database or log file bloat. One that you may not […]