Cheeky – Microsoft HyperV conversion Plugin for Vsphere

Microsoft fire another salvo – putting the conversion capability from vmware to hyperv in a plugin that runs inside the vsphere client !!! This will appeal to those admins looking at a test of the new HyperV3 capabilities when its released. (PS you can get it here)

The MVMC Plug-in for VMware vSphere Client Beta:

Extends the vSphere Client context menu to make it easier to convert the VMware-based virtual machine to a Hyper-V-based virtual machine.

Is built upon the Microsoft Virtual Machine Converter release candidate.

This plug-in extends vSphere Client to facilitate conversions from a virtual machine context menu and without changing configurations on the source VMware host. For more details about which guest operating systems are supported, see the Microsoft Virtual Machine Converter documentation:

which states

The MVMC Release Candidate:

  • Converts and deploys virtual machines from VMware hosts to Hyper-V hosts running:
    • Windows Server® 2012 Release Candidate.
    • Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2012 Release Candidate.
  • Adds virtual network interface cards (NICs) to the converted virtual machine on Hyper-V.
  • Configures dynamic memory on the converted virtual machine.
  • Supports migration of virtual machines that are hosted on a vSphere cluster.
  • Supports migration of virtual machines to a Hyper-V host that is part of a failover cluster

Some points to note – that the vm needs to be running and that there are some specific steps required if windows 2003 vms have multiple disks or controllers