Cloud backup with SafeSync

Another busy week coming to an end. Hopefully many more ahead – especially in the current climate. However when you are busy – perhaps with a new venture – you don’t necessarily think your data is important!!

I was asked by a client who had just started an architectural practice what the options for backup were and initially  I was going to steer him down the traditional tape route. However with the plethora of cloud offerings – I wanted to try something simple and cost effective that would grow with the client.

My choice in this case was the Trend SafeSync – which took literally minutes to activate and have data transferring to the cloud where I could then access and download via a web browser. The solution unlike some of the others I tested recently simply allowed me to tag folders on the source server and decide if I wanted them as new safesync folders or to be included underneath existing folders in the cloud. File types and sizes were no issue.

Speed tests were pretty good as well but the main feature was the ease of accessing the versions of files saved and restoring large chunks of information remotely. I have another few weeks of trialling to complete but so far it definitely proving to be the best of the bunch I’ve experienced and I’m hoping the client willl feel the same.