Controlling user web access

A client already using Mailcontroller for mail filtering was looking for a similar solution for their user internet access control. Having used various solutions – both on premise and appliance – I decided in this case to look at a sister product to MailController called WebController.

The products are similarly constructed in terms of interface so its pretty easy to get to grips with if you have used Mailcontroller. I had a walk through with technical sales and was able to quantify the effort and the information required to implement for the client. in fact it ticked all the boxes in terms of the product and the user requirements and the client has decided to roll out the tool to all its office based and remote mobile users.

The product has some high level groupings for the types of wites to be  blocked or permitted and comes with a number of profiles that allow you to get users up and running quickly on the web with the levels of controls that you require. You can also tailor lists of sites that users must get to and very flexibly control individual users and site access.

The two producuts Mailcontroller and WebController are available from TalkTalk Business here