Don’t be a drag (drag and drop sidebar widget – how cool is that)

You can do an awful lot right now with the sidebar in Lotus Notes 8.5 client but I cam across a plugin this morning that just made me think – wow

As the developer says

It is a Drag n Drop Sidebar Widget for the Lotus Notes Client. When it is installed, you can drag documents from a Lotus Notes database and drop them on to targets that are displayed in the Widget. When you drop documents on the target in the Widget there are some configurable options that control what will happen. For instance you can configure the Widget to copy the dropped documents to the database-target and then immediately run an agent on the copies. It is a really cool widget with a lot of potential.

You can get more detail here and download from here – there is also a video on that page demoing what it does and the configuration options. Can’t wait to get a look at this