DOS printing and Windows 7

Legacy apps can be problematic. Epecially when it comes to printing and support for print emulation. In this case a foxpro app running as xp mode emulation on Windows 7 64 bit trying to print to a networked printer via LPT3.

Although the process on mapping a port is fairly straighforward

net use lpt3: serverprintername /persistent:yes

this one was hampered by a lack of support and documentation for the printer in question a Kyocera KM4035. In the end the client decided that it was not worth spending more time trying to get this option working – they had a fall back to another printer (HP laserjet – works with virtually anything) but as an alternative I proposed an application that monitors a folder and prints all the text files that get created in that folder.

This approach should get them out of jail should they need to access this newer printer in the future but it shows that legacy apps need more than just a little maintenance to keep going. More in the future if that option is explored.