Down but not out

It seems that the TC1100 tablet I retired last year still has some work left in it. When I reported the move to the HP Touchsmart TX2 from the Tc1100 here I thought that the unit would spend its days being used by the kids – who seem to find the form factor of the TC1100 (with the keyboard removed) better than the TX2 !! It was a chance search on ebay for some other kit that lead me to the acquisition of a docking bay for the TC1100. The bay was second hand from that well known auction site Ebay and once it arrived took all of 5 minutes to unpack and press into action. The best point was the autoadjustment when the dock itself was turned into landscape mode.

The TC1100 is now back at work – in a limited space environment – acting as a workstation to access and manage virtual servers – and soon to be part of a stock control system – taking up a minimal amount of space but providing a very useful function. The best bit is that it is still easily used as a tablet by just lifting out of the docking unit.

So reuse – reduce – recycle ? or just a good tool continuing to serve ?