Dragon Dictate – whats new in 11.5

The service pack for version 11 actually contains a lot more than the usual fixes. It actually raises it to a transitional point release. I think that the reason for giving the upgrade free was to do with the chaos of not having version working with Windows 7 (then saying it wouldn’t be easy to do) and then miraculously bringing one out at short notice !! Click on the links to see videos about the product.


Heres Nuances spiel about it



With improved accuracy and faster performance, amazing technology advances, and powerful new voice commands, Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11 delivered a faster, better and simply smarter speech recognition solution. In the year since Dragon 11’s release, Nuance has continued to explore ways to make the software even easier to use. The result is Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.5 (a free upgrade for version 11 customers), a point release that is jam-packed with new product features and improvements to existing capabilities.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.5 is faster and more accurate than any previous version of Dragon. In fact, version 11.5 can reduce recognition errors by up to 35% compared to Dragon 9. This means Dragon 11.5 recognizes speech more accurately right out of the box so users will spend less time correcting recognition errors.

Along with these enhancements, Dragon 11.5 Premium and higher versions also feature a new Dragon Remote Microphone application which turns your iPhone into a wireless microphone, making it easier – and more comfortable – for users to capture their thoughts and ideas without letting the keyboard get in their way. Version 11.5 also makes it easier to configure Dragon for usage with a digital recorder when you’re away from your computer. New voice commands, such as the ability to post to Facebook and Twitter by voice along with new formatting and editing commands, help version 11.5 customers get more done on their computers. Version 11.5 also adds support for the latest new applications and operating systems, and it incorporates user interface and usability enhancements to user profile creation, the Dragon Sidebar, the correction process, and more!

New Audio Input Options (not available for Dragon Home)

  • iPhone as Wireless Microphone: Most customers use Dragon by speaking directly to their computer using the microphone included with their Dragon software purchase. But some users can be frustrated by wearing a headset that tethers them to the PC. With the introduction of the free Dragon Remote Microphone application (available in the Apple app store), users can achieve the same great accurate transcription using a device many already have: their iPhone! The Dragon Remote Microphone app converts a user’s iPhone 3G, 3GS and 4, iPad and iPad 2 or iPod Touch 4th gen running iOS 4.2, or later into a wireless microphone via WiFi.

Time-Saving Voice Commands

  • New Facebook and Twitter Commands: Users can easily update Facebook by saying “Post to Facebook”, “Post to Facebook [text],” or “Post that to Facebook.” Tweets are quickly captured by voice: a user selects dictated or typed text (via mouse or voice command), and says “Post that to Twitter.” Additional Twitter commands include “Tweet [text]” (English only) and “Post to Twitter [text].”
  • New Text Formatting Commands: Formatting text is faster and easier with new commands and capabilities not found in versions 9 and 10.
  • The new “Quote that” and “Bracket that” commands can be applied to the last utterance or current selection. In addition, the new “Empty Quotes” and “Empty Brackets” commands can be used if a customer knows ahead of time the next utterance should be quoted/bracketed.
  • Microsoft Office 2010 commands: The French and German editions of Dragon 11.5 incorporate a broader variety of available commands.

Improved Correcting and Editing

  • Handling Multiple Matches in Text: Dragon 11 introduced the ability to quickly and easily apply correcting, formatting and editing commands to one or all items when the command could apply to multiple instances of text. Version 11.5 introduces a new “Undo all” command. The new command is active only immediately after the user gives a “Choose all” command.
  • More Usable Spelling Window: The Spelling Window (allowing users to type or spell out something Dragon was not able to transcribe) is now resizable horizontally and delivers more readable options for alternate words and phrases, making it easier for users to modify or correct text.

Easier than Ever to Use Dragon with a Digital Voice Recorder (not available for Dragon Home)

  • Enhanced Recorder Enrollment: The minimum reading time required to train Dragon with a recorder was reduced from 15 to 4 minutes in Dragon 11. Version 11.5 now improves the enrollment user interface by guiding the user through a simplified, clear set of instructions to set-up Dragon for use with a portable device.
  • Enhanced Recorder Transcription Experience: Dragon 11.5 enhances the usability and user interface of the recorder transcription feature. These enhancements improve the transcription workflow and help the user understand how to use Dragon to transcribe, including options that will affect the transcription process.

User Interface and Usability Enhancements

  • Revised Dragon Sidebar: A significant improvement over the Sample Commands window offered in versions 9 and 10 , the Dragon Sidebar helps users to discover and remember common commands by enabling them to glance at or explore global commands (including mouse commands), application-specific commands and custom-created commands, as well as tips. The Dragon Sidebar’s contents change depending on what window is currently active. Version 11.5 delivers additional application contexts to the Sidebar (including WordPad, Vocabulary Editor and Command Browser) and layout improvements to maximize content and readability. To encourage more users to take advantage of this helpful “desktop assistant,” version 11.5 adds a link to the Dragon Tutorial within the Sidebar (English only).
  • More usable toolbar (the DragonBar): The DragonBar, revised to improve usability in Version11, gathers Dragon’s indicators, icons and written messages. Version 11.5 adds a link to the Tech Support website from the DragonBar’s Help menu so that customers can more quickly and easily address technical questions and concerns.
  • In version 11.5, words appear on the screen faster, helping you to keep up with your brain. We’ve reduced the latency time by more than 50% over the delay users experienced when dictating text with version 9. Recognition response time for voice commands has also improved over previous versions.

Getting Started with Dragon is Faster and Easier

  • Faster and Easier to Create a User Profile: User profile creation was redesigned in Version11 to be simple and conversational. Version 11.5 user interface enhancements make it more clear how users can improve accuracy by having Dragon analyze existing documents. Version 11.5 also improves system messages regarding scheduled program tasks (such as Accuracy Tuning), making it easier for users to take advantage of these features. The new system messages list requirements for tasks to run, explain how to change scheduled tasks and provide direct access to online help.
  • Enhanced Profile Upgrade Wizard: Version 11.5 helps existing customers realize how many profiles will be upgraded, . Customers are encouraged to run Accuracy Tuning to be sure the highest levels of recognition accuracy are carried over to the upgraded user profile.

Enhanced Software Support

  • Internet Explorer 9: Building on existing compatibility with Internet Explorer, Dragon 11.5 introduces new commands that leverage new capabilities within the latest version of Internet Explorer, released in March 2011. New commands include “Pin this [web] site | page” which creates an icon for the current web site on the Start menu, and “Go to [the] one box [bar]” since Internet Explorer 9 uses the address bar for URLs and searches.
  • Windows Live Mail 2011 (V15): Dragon 11.5 offers the same level of support offered for Windows Live Mail 2009 (V14).
  • OpenOffice Writer version 3.3: Support for OpenOffice Writer, which was launched with Dragon 11, includes dictation, correction, selection, and playback. Dragon 11.5 extends this support to the latest version of OpenOffice Writer, released in January 2011.
  • Operating Systems: Dragon 11.5 supports Windows 7 SP1 (released February 2011) and supports Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 (released February 2011).

Improved Corporate/Enterprise Usability (not available for Dragon Home or Premium)

  • Improved Enterprise Profile Management: Dragon 11.5 provides an option to save a “roaming” profile locally vs. on the network. This option enables users to benefit from “roaming” features without being forced to save through a potentially slow network connection. Dragon 11.5 informs the user about the time required to save on the current network (estimated time based on changes to be saved and network speed).