Eeeeeeeee by gum – thats fast

A lot of coverage today of the Everything Everywhere (EE) 4G launch. It highlights the truly poor nature of the 3G service. I find it almost worse than useless as its so slow and unreliable. I had to laugh as the intrepid BBC reporter showed the differing speeds between a 3G and 4G phone. 20Mb down and 10 MB up – sweet. It justs shows we have been fobbed of with an inferior and overloaded system for far too long.

Although wifi has improved in range and function – its not ubiquitous enough. The promise of always on internet with a decent download and upload really is the holy grail for road warriors and those who have need for decent comms at every location we need to work.

It remains to be seen if the EE implementation is as good at the other suppliers when they get a chance to deliver their offerings probably some time in the next year. Now just to wait and see when devices and service are available local to me. Hopefully in time for Santa to bring something nice.