End of an era – retiring TC1100

After many years of faithful service – my HP TC1100 tablet has become unstable to the point where I can no longer rely on it when out with clients and travelling. Despite reinstallation and reconfiguration the machine seems to have a hardware issue which causes it to hang intermittently but regularly.

The time had come to seek a replacement and in the end I selected a HP Touchsmart TX2 Tablet. After about a month of use I can say that the original TC1100 design and detachable keyboard still have the edge. The new machine though is responsive and a real head turner for those not familiar with the tablet approach. The keyboard however remains attached and so does reduce its wow factor a little.

Given its small form factor and reasonable battery life – the TX2 has been a pretty constant companion and it has a few foibles – like the mounting position of the fingerprint reader and a propensity to deactivate the keyboard (still researching that) but its working and reliable so far.

Goodbye TC1100 – you served me well.