Excel file creation from Lotuscript issue on 64 bit O/S

This issue is related to a previous item I mentioned where after migrating to a 64 bit Domino server on a 64 bit OS – some code preferred UNC paths rather than mapped drives. Specifically this incident relating to an agent which used an odbc data source to connect to Sage Line 50. This new issue popped its head up when I was adding an agent to export data from a Notes document to an excel file. On the 32 bit platform this had worked fine but when ported across to the 64bit was failing.


After some trial and error using the same UNC path idea as before code such as xlFilename = “\\servername\folder\subfolder\subfolder\” & foobar & “.xlsx” would allow me to create files  using


Set xltemp = Excel.Workbooks.add
Set xlWorkbook = Excel.ActiveWorkbook
Set xlSheet = xlWorkbook.ActiveSheet

writing out the cell contents and then closing with



Hopefully this helps when you are doing something similar in a Domino agent on 64 bit os in the future.