Exposing data from Intellipool Network Monitor (INM)

When monitoring systems there may be times when you want non technical users to have visibility of the data without the full functionality of the monitoring system. As part of the Sentry project I wanted to replicate some of the information outside of INM using a hardware device but what if you want users to be able to simply through their browser…. heres some information from the INM forum which explains some of the possibilities …..

The INM object and network NOC page can be accessed without requiring the user to login. To enable auto login the “Auto login” property in the operator page must be checked. I suggest creating a specific operator in INM for this task and placing them in the operator group(s) responsible for the objects you wish them to see information on.

The following pages can be accessed by operators with the Auto login property enabled.

To access Monitor list as user Admin


To access Monitor by type as user Admin

To access Monitors with alarms as user Admin

To access the network list as user Admin

To access the object NOC view as user Admin

To access the network NOC view as user Admin

Note that both localhost :8080 and Admin are placeholders for this example, replace this information with the operator details, ip address and port number of your INM server.