Fancy winning a prize with your xpage work ?

If you think your xpages coding skills up up to the mark why no take a look at this offer from the OpenNTF Alliance

Heres what the organisers are saying

We ask participants to contribute re-usable XPages controls to OpenNTF. Re-usable controls are often custom controls with parameters to configure them and use them in different contexts. Good examples are the login control from Ferry Kranenburg and the Dojo based charting control from Julian Buss. Re-usable controls also need to be documented to make them consumable by other OpenNTF developers, especially it needs to be documented which design elements to copy to use the controls in other NSFs.

Awards and Recognition

Each of the three winners will get an Apple iPad, either the 64 GB Wifi version or the 32 GB 3G version.

The winners will be invited to present their controls at an OpenNTF Steering Committee meeting with executives from various companies.

OpenNTF will also create videos and screenshots (if not done by contributors), blog about these controls and have them put on


We’ll use the following criteria when judging the contributions:

1) Reusability, consumability and documentation
2) “Wow” factor and completeness of solution
3) Overall business value
4) Special consideration will be given to developers new to XPages and OpenNTF
5) Originality factor: Only the actual new code will be considered to make sure contributions add value and actual source code rather than only re-using existing source code.


Everyone can participate and submit nominations. The only exceptions are all IBM employees and participants of the OpenNTF Steering Committee. The sitting members of the Steering Committee are not permitted to personally submit a nomination, however other employees of their respective companies may submit. A nomination can be done by more than one person but the award would have to be splitted.

Prerequisites for valid Submissions

All open source projects can be nominated that have been submitted to either the Apache or GPL catalog on OpenNTF. The following points describe in details these prerequisites. The contributions don’t necessarily have to be published in the catalog by the submission deadline, but they must have a major project release and receive IP clearance before the deadline.  Committers will then work to publish those submissions to the Catalog.

1. Authors need to be approved OpenNTF contributors, e.g. they need to have a signed ICLA or CCLA on file (details).
2. Submissions have to be posted under one of the four accepted OpenNTF licences. For example for Apache submissions the Apache license has to be applied correctly (details).
3. Submissions must have been cleared by the ip-manager at openntf dot org so that they can be added to either the Apache or GPL catalog. Contact the IP manager if you need to use third party code.
4. Submissions will be evaluated on Domino 8.5.2. Non-working submissions or submissions that judges cannot get to work do not count. No other product versions will be used for evaluation.
5. Submissions need at least to provide two or three paragraphs of documentation, some screenshots and in the optimal case a short demo video (all in English).
6. Projects or new releases of existing projects need to be created on OpenNTF with the submission as release in it. Existing releases can not be nominated and if existing projects are extended only the new part is considered for judging.


You need to have the code on OpenNTF and send a mail to support at openntf dot org.


August 19th 2011: Deadline for submissions
September 5th 2011: Announcement of winners