Firmware update to Vigor 3300 fails with “Incorrect firmware size” – when using Opera but not IE

I had cause to update two Vigor 3330 routers to the latest firmware 2.5.8 while investigating an issue with VPN traffic not working as expected. Inadvertently I found that in this regard not all browsers operate in the same way when performing a remote firmware update. The process is via the web interface to the unit and simply involves browsing the local drive to select the fiormware image to send – the router accepts the file – verifies it and then applies it whilst displaying a progress indication. Finally the router needs a remote reboot to activate the new firmware.

Well thats the normal outcome – however in this case the first update was done through Internet Explorer (in this case IE 8 Beta) but when the same process was carried out on the second router from Opera (which I use a lot due to the stability issues in the beta IE) a message “Incorrect firmware size” appears. Semmingly when Opera transfers the file some changes and the router won’t accept the image as valid. So in this case reverting to IE worked.

However it does raise the question of whether Opera or the router has the issue with the upload and if its Opera are there other implications for file uploading

I have added the revision information for the new and previous versions of FW for this unit below

Product Model : Vigor3300V
Locale : UK Only
Firmware Version : 2.5.8
Release Type : Formal Release
Released : 10th April 2008

Important Notes

– Upgrade firmware should be carried out by suitably informed/experienced persons.
– Backup your router configuration BEFORE upgrading firmware
– Upgrading Vigor3300V firmware using the .all file will retain your existing router settings.
– If in doubt, consult your dealer firstly.

Release Notes:

[New features]
1.VPN Load-balance and backup.
2.Data Monitoring for LAN.
3.Add hidden CLI command “wan_count” to change total wan count to 3 WAN or 4 WAN.
4.Add mtu setup option for static WAN for Vigor3300 series.
5.Add DNS option in VPN-> pptp general setup page for vigor3300/V.
6.Play dial tone only when port registered (selectable)
7.Add call waiting option function.

[Fixed issues]
1.Modify flash driver for ST, upgarde old firmware not support ST flash on device
with ST flash will be rejected.
2.”Port Scan detection” causes host-to-lan ipsec unstable.
3.Address IPSEC DPD issue between multi sa.
4.Write log file prior to record SIP syslog.
7.Fixed call hold failure issue.
8.fix User can not use VoIP calling while IP only is bound with LAN issue.
9. Allow static dhcp setting more than 67.
10.Move Static DHCP function to Bind IP to MAC.
11.IPSec DPD can’t drop a dead connection.
12.Fix dhcp server assign ip issue when enable strict bind in bind ip to mac.
13.Add index to diagnostic tool both in web and CLI.
14.Display NAT total sessions correctly in web.

Product Model : Vigor3300V
Locale : UK Only
Firmware Version :
Release Type : Formal Release
Build Time/Date :
Released : 3rd December 2007

Improvements in this firmware:

[Fixed issues]
1. Fix an issue for WUI in other languages
2.Fix IPSEC failure when PPPoE goes down/up momentarily
3.Fix DHCP server assigning duplicate IP to host.
4.Prevent router reboot when enable CPA for the first time

Product Model : Vigor3300V
Locale : UK Only
Firmware Version :
Release Type : Formal Release
Released : 13th August 2007

Changes Since Firmware

[New features]
1. Add Bypass(Normal Mode) FAX mode. The original “Bypass fax mode” change to Bypass Proprietary FAX mode. This mode only for 2 Vigor3300V proprietary using.
2. Add user can change User-Agent Name Function. This function can let user change User-Agent Name at V3300V, default value is “Draytek V3300V-1.0.0”.
3. Add Call without Registration Function. It will not sent REGISTER request while “Call without Registration” is set in per port setting.
4. Modify response for SIP NOTIFY. Modify response with 200 OK when receive SIP NOTIFY.
5. Modify Porland CallerID. Modify Porland CallerID Type DTMF to ETSI.
6. Add line reversal on both mode. It can do Line Reversal both callee on hook and callee answer mode.
7. Add Call Waiting feature.

[Fixed issues]
1.Vigor 3300V NAT address mapping bug for PPPoE mode.
2.Fix SIP use intercall while Network failed issue. Fix SIP can not use intercall while SIP using outbound proxy to make call.
3.Fix ddos issue, router have low throughput when attacked by flooding, even enable ddos syn flood.
4.Enable multiple WAN and 802.1q VLAN, router cannot reset by web page.
5.Fix WAN DHCP issue, fail to get ip from Netgear WGR614v5 Cable router.
6.Fix p2p blocking fail using Foxy.
7.Fix pppoe fixed ip issue in UK, reject our fixed ip and give a dynamic one.
8.Fix static route bug, when router under 3300 lan using 2nd subnet, the host under the router cannot reach 3300’w WAN.
9.Fix p2p blocking fail using MSN 8.1 in Vista.
10.Fix ddns issue, fail to update IP for China ISP redirect advertisement page.
11.Fix using pppoa line with vigor100 bug.
12.Fix NAT loopback issue, client under lan but not 3300’s lan subnet (using static route to another router under 3300’s lan) cannot access server under 3300 using port redirection.
13.Fix port redirection issue, set a rule to a host, the source port of the host be changed through NAT.
14.Fix ipsec ceasation, dial from host to lan client more than 12 using vpn tool SSH Sentinel.
15.SIP use intercall while Network failed. When Network failed, SIP using extra speed dial to make call instead of using Proxy Server.

Firmware Version : / Issue
Changes Since Firmware 2.5.7

[New features]
1. Add bandwidth limititation function.
2. Add IP Bind to Mac function, the algorithm is same with Vigor 2xxx.
3. Add port range and source port fields for QoS feature.
4. Add IP Alias function in PPPoE mode.
5. When management port is enabled, check if VID value is set in 802.1Q VLAN
6. Add “Round Robin” ring option in VoIP Group settings.

[Improved issues]

1. Improve robustness of DDNS server registration mechanism
2. Enable physical DMZ access from LAN clients
3. Improve DHCP over IPSec operation
4. Correct QoS issue while using Outgoing/Incoming with IPSec.

Firmware 2.5.7 (First UK Release) – Release Notes:

[New features]

1. Add SSH remote management function.
2. Add static DHCP function.
3. Implement IP routing function by using multiple WAN interfaces
4. Add physical DMZ function in WAN interface.
5. Add an option to turn on or turn off for management in http, telnet and SSH functions.
6. Add an option “block” or “allow” to match key words in URL Filter web page.
7. Add LFI(Link Fragmentation and Interleaving) with using MTU in QoS.
8. Add tag-based VLAN with multiple LAN interfaces.
9. Add the direction of DMZ and VPN options in IP Filter function.
10. Add encryption without authentication proposal in VPN-IPSec.
11. Add NAT Traversal of IPSec function.
12. Allow “Accept all proposal” IPSec Phase1/2 Proposals
13. Add Single Codec function in VoIP, it can be disable or enable.
14. Add line polarity reversal when callee answer the phone.
15. Add Authentication ID in VoIP protocol.
16. Add sip message log, in the CLI voip>siplog