First to five

I think it is very telling when you get a new PC or laptop – what are the first 5 apps that get installed ? Why are they so important that before any others you need them ?

In this case with a new MacBook Pro – the first five OSX apps I installed were

  1. IBM notes client – a very specific tool for daily work as we develop IBM Notes Apps. Sadly its missing the designer client but more about that in the future I suspect
  2. SnagIt – the go to screen capture tool. Used literally 100’s of times a day to document and record the work done for clients
  3. Balsamiq – designing apps – working with web site layouts – demoing to clients – if you haven’t tried you should try out this tool
  4. Mindmanager – the brainstorming mind mapping tool – great for working with clients to extract requirements and priorities
  5. Java SDK / IDE / Xcode – as this is primarily a IOS development machine the combined package of these elements and their latest updates is the final preparation for this machine to be productive.

Once these apps are in place the machine is ready for operation – the next addition was Office 2016 for compatibility with PC documents and mail access. Now that the portfolio is complete the MacBook can serve as a replacement for my windows laptop except in the field of Xpages or IBM Notes development.