First Windows 7 64 BIT upgrade

Vista was crap. Yep now I’ve said it. Vista 64 Bit was especially crap. Oops now the Microsoft Thought Police will be on to me. Can I use my get out of jail free card ?

“Officer – I was upgrading to Windows 7  64 BIT and those comments just escaped while removing Office 2007 and a couple of MS applications in preparation”

Phew – that might buy me some time. I finally decided on Friday to upgrade to 64 BIT Windows 7 – its been on the cards for ages – both my main laptop and tablet have been happy in Windows 7 land for months but I held off on the monster upgrade which would be my Dell T7400 Precision workstation with dual dual-headed video cards until I’d have some time to recover if things went wrong.

So now that its complete what would I say. Slow Slow Slow but be patient. When you have as much crap as I have installed – so many packages you’d need a database just to keep track – then its fair to assume that the upgrade is really going to take a while. Like a day. Or thereabouts.

Started yesterday at 10:00 AM  after the business of the day was done and continued through the night – the machine was finally at Windows 7 logon this morning when I checked. First impressions – snappier than Vista and less problems. A few issues with missing things like quick start toolbar and menu items. Quickly rectified with Autoruns and a bit of reconfiguration.

Was it worth it. A Qualified Yes . Make sure you have backups and a fallback position. Remove whats recommended by the upgrade advisor. Get rid of any crap you can. Give it plenty of time – do not think its stalled – leave it alone and do something else for those 24 hours.

In terms of application updates and reinstalls – minimal so far. Will let you now what else I find but so far – so good. Office 2007 32 BIT to 64 BIT upgrade pretty painless.