Fitbit tips – keep on running !!

Two recent issues with a Fitbit Surge (watch) lead me to write up these two tips

  1. This issue had arisen when I went to check the status of the fitbit and my Iphone to see what pairing was in place – more about that in a moment. I then realised that I couldnt access the second level menu i.e the one that contains settings. Although I could flick backwards and forwards with the clock and steps completed etc – I couldnt move from the Run screen on the second level. So a reboot was required – how do you do that on the Surge ? Basically you need to press the Home (left hand central button) and the Select (right hand bottom) buttons and hold for 10 to 15 seconds until the screen flashes – Turn off and back on – an lo the second menu works and allows me in to settings
  2. The reason for going into settings was to check the status of the pairing under bluetooth between the iphone and fitbit. This is because music control of the iphone needs a different type of pairing which is under the option Classic Bluetooth. Its not enough to have the standard pairing which allows communication between the IOS fitbit app and the device – you need the AVCRP bluetooth profile enabled and paired. The steps to do it are here and I now have the control of music on my fitbit while working or jogging.