Fitting A Parrot Ck3100 Bluetooth Carkit – the RIGHT way

I recently got a replacement handsfree car kit fitted to a Citroen C4 Grand Picasso. The process is usually quite straightforward and I have fitted a few of these in the past. They are a fairly simple bluetooth kit which integrates with the car radio and speakers to mute when a call is in progress and let you hear the caller as you speak. In this case I choose to let a dealer fit the kit in order to get the control and microphone where I wanted them. Previous cars I had a better knowledge of the panels that could be removed to fit it but in this case time was short and the dealer option was quickest. Also there was an adapter connector required specific to the Citroen

However I changed phones at the same time and was assuming that a problem I was having was related to the handset rather than the car kit. I made an assumption that the dealer had actually tested the unit before returning to me but that proved to be false. The acid test with the Parrot Ck3100 is that it must signal “goodbye” when the car ignition is turned off. In this case it was not – which has a side effect that the configuration was not being saved fully and therefore not allowing the handset to pair automatically each time I got in the car.

Checking the forums I found that the fitter had reversed to wires – namely the red and orange wire which contain the fuse holders. Removing the radio with 4 thin screwdrivers angled out tho the side I was soon able to access the miscreant wires and swap the fuse holders over (with the ignition off of course). Powering on again – waiting for the Parrot to initialise before turning off the ignition allowed me to see the all important “Goodbye” message. I was able to sync up the IPhone 4 and see my contacts (albeit slowly) synchronise with the car kit.

Now that the kit was functioning properly I took the opportunity to upgrade the units firmware via bluetooth. Download the windows update tool from here and run it. It will attempt to connect with the bluetooth kit – which you will have to switch into Software Update Mode by  going into settings / advanced settings / software update / enable on the kit. Once connected it will run the update and reboot the device. It will also allow you to download the latest firmware from the internet while running – which is handy.

The kit is now running smoothly and the sound quality has improved slightly according to callers I’ve tested with.


The moral is – don’t assume that professional fitters can be bothered to test their work.



The Release notes for the latest version as at June 2011 show

Release notes - CK3X00

List of changes:

Version 5.00
Available to download from, the new software 5.0 of the CK3100 LCD brings significant improvements for the user:

- Synchronization of contacts and call log optimized: faster and more spread, with a new protocol built-in for better synchronization with iPhone in particular.

- Greater compatibility: interoperability and compatibility with all Bluetooth ® telephones and Smartphones, current and future.

- Simplified navigation: complete revision of the pairing menu for a more intuitive user interface.

Version 4.30

-[iPhone]: Allow to invert "name" and "first name" in the phonebook using the "Preferences /  Display / sort order" menu
-[iPhone]: fix some connection loss cases during calls
-Fix bad menu sounds during phone synchronization

Version 4.23

- Fix bug of previous version : Microphone volume settings was not saved

Version 4.22

- Fix audio quality with phones Nokia 6700 and Nokia 6730c.
- Add three "Auto-pair" modes:
       ."Auto-pair no sync"  : Pairing code is "0000" and no synchronization will be done (replacement for "Casio G'z One Boulder" pairing mode).
       ."Auto-pair with sync": Pairing code is "0000" and standard synchronization will be done.
       ."Auto-pair AT sync"  : Pairing code is "0000" and synchronization is forced to "AT type".
- Add new menu "SE C902,C905": For Sony Ericsson C9xx series.
- Remove "Win CE" mode.

Version 4.21

- Fix ring tone issue with some phones: Nokia, Blackberry, etc...

Version 4.20

- Fix potential display issue during Bluetooth update

Version 4.19

- Better compatibility with phones: Nokia E51, Casio Boulder, Motorola U9

Version 4.18b

- Bug fix [Apple iPhone v2.1] 3rd incoming call: no audio

Version 4.18a

- Correction for Ring with Nokia and Sony Ericsson.

Version 4.18

- For facilitation of hardware changes only, no change to compatibility, functionality or reliability.

Version 4.17a

- Better compatibilty with Windows Mobile phones
- Correct management with iPhone's synchronization
- New pairing menu for LG VX8700
- Better translations for Hebrew
- Adding charsets : ISO8859-5, ISO8859-6, ISO8859-7, ISO8859-8, ISO8859-9

Version 4.17

- PBAP synchornisation implementation.
- Reorganization of "Pairing" menu : new items "Forced connection" and "Disable synchro".

Version 4.16d
- Display management improvement.

Version 4.16

- Fix pairing issue with Sony Ericsson M600i and some SIM cards (such as Bouygues).
- Fix pairing issue with Nokia N80 and N90.
- Fix pairing issue with BenQ M315.
- Fix disconnection issue with LG Chocolate.
- Fix disconnection after hanging-up with ETEN M600.
- Fix sending contacts with Nokia 6125, 6133 and 6233.
- Fix sending contacts with Samsung Z310: use the new option in menu ᅵsettings/advanced settings/Object pushᅵ.
- Support special characters for Chinese phones.

 * * * 

Version 4.15a (CK3300/GPS only)

- Fix connection failure of the GPS when the device is already connected for telephony.
- New functionality: a long press on the red button disconnects the current phone in order to connect the GPS service. (Nokia phone).
- New GPS/Settings menu:
	Display: choose of information to display on the screen (nothing, distance, number of satellites, both).
	Distance: Choose if the distance is displayed in kilometres or in miles.
	Connection at start-up: If activated, the pop-up 'Please connect GPS device' will appear at start up.
				If de-activated, use long press on red button to connect GPS.

 * * *

Version 4.15
Version 4.15b

- Fix synchronisation issue with Nokia N70.
- Fix issues with caller ID, a wrong name was sometimes displayed.
- New functionality: Add menu to deactivate the suppression of #31# at the beginning of phone number (setting->Advanced settings->allow #31#).
- Add new prefix to replace the '+' when dialling a number.
- Menu 'sort order' activated only if OPP or IrMC synchronisation was done.
- New mail for technical support depending on the countries.
- Phone compatibility: special pairing mode for Sagem phones to fix pairing problems.
- Better translations in Czech. 

 * * * 

Version 4.14d

- Phone compatibility: Add special mode for K750/K600/W800/D750/W700 without automatic synchronization
(This pairing mode needs to be activated if the phone crashes during automatic synchronization). 

 * * *

Version 4.14c
Version 4.14b

- Fix an echo for the distant caller that could appear on the version 4.14.

 * * *

Version 4.14

- Fix synchronisation issue with CDMA Nokia phone 6255.
- Fix synchronisation issue with Samsung Z320i.
- Better sorting of the phonebook after synchronisation with i-mate K-JAM.
- Better synchronisation with Nokia 6230i, with PDA and smart-phones under windows mobile 5.0.
- New pairing menu for LG phone U8360.
- Fix contacts sending for Grundig phones.
- Suppress noise at the end of the call for few phones.
- New functionality: Some phones do not allow dialling numbers with a "+". A new menu allows replacing this character by zeros.
- Better accuracy for the battery level and the network level.

 * * *

Version 4.13c

- Fix pairing with Grundig phones.

 * * * 

Version 4.13b

- New pairing menu for better compatibility with Sony Ericsonn K600, K750 and Motorola IDEN 605 phones.

 * * *
Version 4.13
Version 4.12 (22/08/05):

- Fix noise at the end of a call with E720 phone.
- Fix possible synchronisation failure with Nokia phones.

 * * *

Version 4.11 (05/06/28):

- Fix crashes when synchronizing phones with both large phonebook and large call register.
- Fix a bug with Motorola V 710 - phonebook synchronization.
- New pairing menu for Samsung E-530 and E-720.

GPS (CK3300/CK3500 only):
- It is now possible to use Tomtom 4 on Palm.
- It is now possible to use ViaMichelin v2 (and later) on Palm.
- Fix problem of GPS disconnection with Nokia 6630 (firmware 4.45.113 and later)
- Fix problem of undetected disconnection of the phone when the kit is also connected to a PDA in GPS mode.
- New display when Telephony and GPS are activated, it will show successively:
    - Telephony state (Disconnected, Network state, or Operator...)
    - Number of satellites in view
    - Telephony state
    - Kilometres covered during the session
    - Telephony state...
- Modification on the connection procedure of GPS and hands free.
When a GPS device is already paired, at each start, a pop up "Please connect GPS device will appear:
    - connecting the GPS device will launch the automatic connection to the phone.
    - clicking on red button will abort connection to the GPS device and launch the automatic connection to the phone.

SAP (3500 only):
- Functionalities are full-spec
- In "SIM card" menu, there's a new entry "Voice service" to use Internal SIM, Remote SIM, none or both.
- Menu "Telematic" is now reachable directly from the root menu and not from "SIM card" menu
- According to telematic configuration, a menu "User tasks" will appear.
- It is possible to use the kit as a modem point while using it for BT telephony.

 * * *

Version 4.10d (05/06/01):

- Add new option in "object push" menu to make possible sending of contacts from a D500 or a MyX8 phone.
- With the latest software versions of Nokia phones, one entry was created in the phonebook for each phone number.
It is now possible to have one name with many phone numbers.
- Fix possible synchronisation failure with Nokia phones.
- Fix incorrect display of the battery charge.
- Fix pairing with QTEK 9090.
- Fix radio mute with the A1000.

 * * *

Version 4.10b and 4.10c (05/02/01):

- Fixed possible synchronisation failure with Nokia phones

 * * *

Version 4.10 (05/01/03):

- Added phonebook synchronisation for Nokia phones
- Added possibility to delete contacts sent by object push
- Better sound quality for distant caller
- Prevent a synchronisation failure with some phones (K700, Z1010)
- Reduce noise at the end of a call with some phones
- Reduce noise when dialling from the car kit with some phones
- Fixed possible locks when using a very large phonebook

 * * *

Version 4.05 (04/09/30):

- Fix a bug that could make the phonebook impossible to access.
- Fix a bug with some Nokia 6600 phones which prevented the caller ID from being displayed

 * * *

Version 4.04 (04/09/16):

- Fix noise when dialling from the car kit with some Nokia phones.

 * * *

Version 4.03 (04/07/29):

- It is now possible to change the volume during the ignition of a call.
- Fix a bug which prevented that sometimes prevented the wordspotting from working.
- If user asks for a connection to a phone, the car kit now disconnects automatically
from the current one.
- Fix some cases of unnecessary muting and un-muting the radio.
- Fix possible settings loss in case of full memory.
- Fix a bug that prevented from redoing the pairing of a phone, if 5 phones where paired.
- Fix bugs that prevented the car kit from being switched off, or that caused a very long
switch-off process.
- Improve extinction process.
- If the car is turned off during a call, the user is asked if he wants to transfer the
call to the phone.
- Fix a bug in synchronization on Sony-Ericsson/Siemens phones that could make a modified
entry to appear twice.
- Fix a bug on other phones synchronization which sometimes used to last for ever.
- Improve detection of duplicated contacts.
- Fix a problem in synchronization on Sony-Ericsson/Siemens phones: if synchronization failed,
it was not always redone properly on next connections.
- Fix display of caller ID with some phones.
- Set microphone volume for best sound quality.
- Fix a crash which appeared when cancelling a call quickly after dialling.
- Display "searching..." when network state is not yet known.
- Fix a bug with call history download on Sony-Ericsson/Siemens phones if the phone gets
disconnected during the synchronization.
- Prevent displaying a "synchronization" popup at each connection with the GX30.
- Fix a background noise during voice training.
- Fix connection problems with some phones (Motorola).
- Fix a problem in case of connection loss during pairing which could.
- Ensure being discoverable after disconnection.
- fix DTMF generation with Sony-Ericsson headset phones.
- Fix detection of international numbers.
- Flash update now works with XP Stack even if the kit was not paired beforehand.
- In case of disconnection shortly after connection, the kit was sometimes no longer able to
- Fix operator name display if different phones with different operators are used.

GPS (CK3300/CK3500 only):
- Fix a bug in detection and initialization of GPS module.
- Fix deactivation of the GPS from the menu.

SAP (3500 only):
- Fix a crash if GSM antenna was disconnected during a call.
- Fix a bug with the management of the call history in SAP.
- It is now possible to perform inquiry and initiate pairing from the car kit.
- Fix SIM contacts download, which used to find empty entries.
- Fix a crash when calling last dialled number in SAP mode, after a call in normal mode.
- Fix a problem in case of disconnection during a call in SAP mode: the call was not ended.
- Do not display an inappropriate "synchronization failed" message if a call occurs during
- If a phone was paired as a normal phone, and paired again as a SAP phone, the SAP mode was
not activated.

 * * *

Version 4.02 (04/06/15):

- New icons for settings and dial number menus.
- Fix display glitches on end of call.
- Reset contrast and luminosity when the display is connected.
- Fix dialling on Windows CE phones (available only in Windows CE pairing mode).
- Improved headset compatibility (now compatible with Nokia AD-5B dongle). In
headset modes, both green and red buttons have the same function: on incoming
call, both can be used to pickup the call; once the call is established, both
can be used to hangup.
- New pairing modes for pairing with Nokia AD-5B dongle and Sharp GX-30.
- Fix behaviour when changing volume during a call with Sony-Ericsson Z1010.
- Improve support for Panasonic X11.
- Bluetooth name is now based on the product version: "Parrot CK3100" for 3100,
"Parrot CK3300" for 3300 and "Parrot CK3500" for 3500.
- Fix a bug with automatic reconnection to XDA2.
- Fix a bug which occurred with some phones after synchronization had failed.
- Fix some bugs with multi-party calls.
- Improve support when connecting to a hands-free phone during a call.
- Flash over Bluetooth now works on computers using the COM-One Bluetooth stack.
- It is now possible to cancel a call started using the last dial function.
- Fix call history management for phones which do not support call history download.
- Fix some crashes.
- Faster shutdown time in case a phone was connecting.
- After recording the vocal command for a phonebook entry, the kit now only prompts
to record keywords which have not been recorded yet.
- Fix wordspotting to work properly during multi-party calls.
- Fix wordspotting to work if the kit connects to the phone during a call.
- If the phone supports in-band ringtones, do not play the first ring.
- Changing the volume during a call now updates the setting as well. The change is
thus persistent after the call is hangup.
- Improve accuracy of detection of multi-party calls on ICALL message.
- Fix bugs when displaying contacts with a large name.
- Fix handling of dial error for P800/P900 and Windows CE phones.
- Fix a display bug which prevented some lines from being centered.
- Fix a crash which appeared sometimes when dialling and hanging up quickly.
- Fix a problem with synchronization when connecting to the phone during ongoing call.
- Fix a bug which prevented the display from being updated when network signal was lost.

GPS (CK3300/CK3500 only):
- Disconnect GPS when needed to complete some phone operations (Windows CE and P800/P900

SAP (3500 only):
- SIM access phones are now paired using a special "SIM access" pairing mode.
- The embedded SIM pseudo-user cannot be removed anymore, but it is now possible
to connect and disconnect it (using the paired devices menu). The 16-digit pass
key is now used only when the user specifically ask to connect a SIM access phone.
- PIN code menu is now available only when a SAP phone or embedded SIM card is
- Fix a bug which prevented SIM card contacts download with embedded SIM card.

 * * *

Version 4.01 (04/05/26):

- Some missing characters are now displayed.
- Fix parsing of UTF8 characters larger than two bytes.
- Synchronization is now stopped properly when removing a phone or switching off the car kit.
- Fix crashes during phone deletion.
- Fix crashes with word spotting.
- Fix voice recognition performed during synchronization to call the right number.
- Due to customer demand, SIM entries are not downloaded anymore on phones with IrMC
- Contacts received during an aborted/cancelled session are not stored anymore.
- Phonebook is now properly synchronized even when the phone has just been switched on (Motorola
V500, V600).
- Fix a bug with the removal of vocal commands for phonebook entries, which used to remove the
wrong command.
- Better and safer behaviour on power off.
- Fix a bug with volume settings.
- Change menus order: SAP and GPS menus are now placed after the preferences menu.
- Fix phone name display in the idle screen: when the name is too large, it is now displayed
using a smaller font.
- Fix audio noise during communications.
- Faster notification on incoming calls.
- Enhanced support for Ericsson headset phones.
- Better incoming calls management for Panasonic phones.
- Fix a bug with the Bluetooth icon, which was not always displayed even though phone was

GPS (CK3300/CK3500 only):
- New GSM and GPS icons displayed on the idle screen when the GPS/GSM functions are in use.
- Fix a bug with caused audio to stay muted after GPS disconnection.

SAP (CK3500 only):
- Enhanced support for multi-party calls.

 * * *

Version Beta 04/05/04:

- Better management of three-way calling states.
- Switching down or disconnecting the phone during a call no longer leaves the car radio muted.
- Endless reconnection to some headset phones is no longer happening.
- Missed calls are now truly recognised as missed calls by the kit with phones such as the 7600,
6600, 6820...
- The 'call ended' popup no longer appears on picked-up incoming call with phone supporting inband
- It is no longer possible to pair more than 5 devices with the kit. It used to be possible but
the new device was not stored in the kit memory.
- The 'call ended' pop-up on Nokia 6310 which has appearing before the complete setup of long
outgoing call is no longer   appearing.
- The last dial command no longer displays shortly a 'call ended' pop-up.
- The cancelling of a voice reco on 0.96 HF phones makes the pop-up 'Voice reco in progress'
disappear after a while instead of staying displayed until user action.
- Hanging up an outgoing call before its establishment is now fully possible.
- End of call for NO CARRIER, or BUSY reasons are now correctly managed and do not display the
'Call' screen uselessly.
- Deleting the current user and reconnecting it afterwards no longer combines the two phonebooks.
- It is now possible to use DTMF tones during three way calling cases with HandFree 1.00 phones.
- The Service search on Nokia 6600 and Nokia 6310/8910 is now working properly and avoids the
connection problems which were happening before.
- Aborted synchronisations are now handled properly.
- Fix sort order menu to perform the update immediately after a change.
- Fix object push support, to allow pushing large number of contacts from Windows CE phones.
- Synchro can now be started by mobile equipment (only on mobiles that support it, like older
Ericsson/Sony-Ericsson phones).
- SIM card contacts are now downloaded after IrMC synchro.
- Phonebook can now be accessed for Windows CE phones as well, even if they do not support connection
from the kit (and thus no dialling is possible).
- The synchronization is now stopped in any case when the user is deleted.
- Better voice recognition training.
- Better audio quality during wordspotting.
- Calls menu is now displayed on 2 or 3 lines depending on user's settings.
- New mode for pairing newer Sony-Ericsson phones (T68i, T610, T630, Z600...)
- Display a warning popup if a phone is incompatible with the "force" Object Push mode.
- "Force" object push mode gets automatically disabled is the user tries to manually connect to
an incompatible phone.
- Automatically reverse first name and last name in P800/P900 mode.
- Display a popup when an operation could not complete as memory is too low.
- Save settings even in low memory situations.
- Fix caller id display and playback during three-way calling.
- Fix rare crash when switching calls during three-way calling.
- Play a note when changing spoken menus volume.
- Internal call history is not lost anymore when the phone disconnects. It is still not persistent,
and will be cleared when the kit is switched off or another phones gets connected.
- Improve performance and fix synchronization with Z1010.
- Better handling of incomplete Object Push sessions.
- Fix a bug which used to erase some additional phonebook entry after an entry has been removed.
- New translations.
- Keywords are now properly removed when the paired device is deleted.
- Voice dialling during synchronization now calls the correct number.

GPS (CK3300/CK3500 only):
- Management of audio only devices which are no longer consider as telephony devices by the kit.
Allows better service for customer using an Headset PDA for navigation purposes only.
- Automatic reconnection on the headset profile when dropped down for call service with the main
telephony device connected to the CK3300.
- GPS disconnection on incoming call with recent Sony-Ericsson mobile phones, to ensure telephony
- Better NMEA messages processing for CPU savings.
- Brutal disconnection of the navigation PDA or phones no longer makes the kit reboot.

SAP (CK3500 only):
- Synchronisation of the SIM card contacts with embedded and remote SIM card.
- Correct display while SAP is connected.
- Better connection and disconnection management.

 * * *

Version Beta 04/04/09:

- Better handling of special phone behaviours. The "P800/P900 mode" menu has been replaced
with a new menu allowing to pair a few types of phone. To pair with one of those phones
(P800/P900, smartphones, Nokia 6600, old ericsson phones...), simply choose the appropriate
option in the menu before pairing.
- Fix behaviour with Nokia 6600: used to have no audio.
- Better dialling support on P800/P900.
- Support dialling on some smartphones (Windows CE powered).
- Fix a bug when the synchronization is rejected by the user on some devices.
- Fix audio prompts volume. It can now be set properly.
- Fix DTMF generation with some phones (generated frequencies were not accurate).
- Fix a crash when receiving contacts from Object Push with SPV E200.
- Fix a bug which made the kit lose access to the phonebook if a communication was made
during the synchronization.
- Fix a bug which prevented cancelling a call before it was actually established.
- Fix a bug with vocal prints, which used to be lost when the associated contact changed.
- Changing the volume from the phone is now handled properly.
- Ability to display the phonebook as "Last name, first name" as well as "First name, last name"
(Preferences/Display/Sort order).
- Fix a bug which caused the application to believe the call was still in progress after its end
in some situations.
- Fix call history download with older Ericsson phones.
- Fix automatic reconnection with some headset phones, to prevent it from trying again once the
phone is detected (those phones do not accept the connection if no comm is in progress).
- Fix a bug with never-ending synchronization on Ericsson headset phones.
- Fix a bug when disconnecting from V500 during synchro. Phonebook used not to work anymore from
that point, until the kit was restarted.

SAP (CK3500 only):
- The kit can now be used as a car phone, if a SIM card is inserted. However, in order not
to damage your SIM card, make sure the kit is powered off before inserting or removing the
- Dialup Networking (DUN) is now fully functional (both GPRS and GSM).

 * * *

Version Beta 04/03/26:

 This release fixes a number of bugs and glitches. Some minor features were also added.
 Two options are now available to get the broadest compatibility: "P800/P900 mode" and
 "Legacy phone mode". These options can be enabled or disabled, to adapt the kit to your
 phone and get the best behaviour.

- Better handling of incoming calls & calls initiated from mobile with P800/P900.
- In P800/P900 mode, phonebook is still available after a call.
- Correct version date is displayed after update over bluetooth.
- DTMF generation with all headset phones.
- Better support for incomplete contacts (no name,...).
- Fix some bugs with vcard parsing.
- Safer state during flash update, which should prevent most user actions.
- Call lists are now available right away after the end of a call.
- Fix a bug which prevented some object push operations from completing properly.
- Fix a few display freeze situations.
- Fix a few incoherent displays.
- Various options moved to an "Advanced settings" sub menu of "Preferences".
- "Legacy phones" option added. Can be used to have the kit appear as a handsfree (off) or
headset (on). This option can be used when using older (headset) phones as well as some
smartphones (most notably P900).
- Phone volume is now always saved and used properly.
- In "SIM card" menu, submenus "Activation" and "Mode" have been merged.
- Fix call lists to always call the selected number.
- Some new or reworked icons.
- System switch off is now handled properly, and displays a "Good bye" message.
- With headset phones, the kit always displays the network name or "headset" if unknown.
- Many translations have been improved. Many popup display text as two lines so that it
can fit completely on the screen.
- No more noise when playing the first audio prompt.
- Improved mute handling (mute is shorter).
- Fix some bugs with synchronisation during calls.
- Fix headset mode not to start synchronisation whenever the phone gets connected.
- Manage volume with headset mode.
- Network level update in headset profile.
- Operator name gets updated whenever needed.
- Fix dialling from kit to fail when connection cannot be established.
- Disconnect from headset whenever connection is not needed anymore.

GPS (CK3300/CK3500 only):
- GPS applications can now use audio connection via headset when connected (used to play
vocal indications).
- Improved compatibility between GPS (even with audio) and phone applications: GPS audio
connection is stopped on any phone call.
- Improved time to fix and position reliability (GPS module always on).
- Fix bugs with concurrent object push and GPS connection.

SAP (CK3500 only):
- Fix hang-up on non-established call through SAP.
- Call lists handling in SAP mode.
- Support DTMF over SAP.
- Last dial with dialled number displayed.
- Automatic startup and shutdown of SAP mode when setting the option in the menu.
- Better support for three-way calls.

 * * *

Version Beta 04/03/11:
- Initial release.