Further adventures with Dameware NT Utilities

Using the Dameware tools mentioned here – I found some really useful features for example in the TCP Utilities – kicking off a continuous ping to monitor a site, DNS lookups on A MX Cname or NS records, traceroute, MX test and a DNS resolver – all as an option on the context menus you can use to manage machines. I know there are lots of tools out there that do it but I find it useful that you can do it directly from the app if you are managing routers or domains as well for the same application.

The Active directory elements of the tools is very helpful when you are checking the memberships and groups you have defined – again handy since its integrated with the remote control tools.

I can also report that the remote control element can be remotely installed into a Windows 2008 server virtual machine (running on VM workstation) for remote management – nice….